How Organic and Sustainable Clothing Is Good for You and the Planet

Apr 12th 2019

How Organic and Sustainable Clothing Is Good for You and the Planet

 Is that cute dress or tee eco-friendly & sustainable? In this article, we take a look at top benefits of organic and sustainable clothing to our planet (and us)

When you’re shopping for that picture-perfect dress, t-shirt or surf clothing, the chances are that you’re looking for something that suits your style, fits you, and within your price range. But who, where and how that piece of clothing is made should be of concern to you too, especially if you’re an eco-conscious shopper. Just like organic food, buying organic and sustainable clothing can do wonders for you and our planet.

First Things First: What is Organic Clothing?

When we say an item of clothing is “organic” or “sustainable”, the odds are that it was produced ethically and sustainably using all-natural materials, most notably cotton, bamboo, and other 100% organic ingredients. These are materials that are farmed without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals that can hurt our planet. Organic farmers rely on tried-and-true traditional farming techniques that maintain soil fertility, improve the local ecosystem, and don’t overuse water resources.

Given that 20,000 people die annually in developing nations from pesticide poisoning (according to WHO), organic clothing is the best way to go. Other than that, there are plenty of other benefits of buying clothing made from organic, sustainable materials:

(1) It’s Great for your Skin

Organic clothing is free from allergens and anything that could irritate your skin. As such, organic clothing can come in especially handy for people with extra sensitive skins. Besides, the fabric feels good, snuggly, and comfy.

(2) Greener - Good for the Environment

From the farm to your home, organic clothing doesn’t pose a threat to our environment. They are not dyed with toxic chemicals, and no pesticides & fertilizers are used to farm the cotton, bamboo and other raw materials. What ultimately makes organic clothing eco-friendly is that their production and manufacture don’t lead to toxic waste.

(3) It Improves the Rights and Lives of the Workers and Farmers

Buying sustainable, particularly those labeled under the Fair Trade Act means that you’re promoting a local cotton farmer and championing for fair treatment of factory workers. That’s because sustainable clothes aren’t produced in the so-called sweatshops or in factories with unsafe working conditions. Our surf clothing isn’t just good for your environment; it’s also great for human rights.

(4) Clears your Conscience

With 1/3 of our planet riddled with pollution, we can all chip in. Would be nice if we could all buy organic and sustainable clothing? It’ll feel great wearing something that does more good to our beloved planet.

(5) Supports Animal Rights

Our organic clothes are in no way made from animal fur or leather. They are 100% animal-friendly and cruelty-free.

(6) Helps you Save Money

Organic clothing helps you save oodles of money. For starters, they keep you comfortable and doesn’t harm your health (read: skin, respiratory system, etc.). Besides, organic clothes have been proven to be of high quality and can last longer.

There you’ve it - 6 benefits of buying organic & sustainable clothing. It’s all about buying clothes that are 100% eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and support fair trade.